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Thank you for visiting Agape Paranormal Services. We are located in the Oklahoma City, OK area. We are a group of Christian Paranormal Investigators and Researchers. If a human entity is found, we petition God, though Jesus Christ, to accept this wondering soul and show them the way to and entry to Heaven. For non-human entities (demons) we will assist in the Rite of Exorcism. This will include different Rites, based on the client's religious preference and the type of entity. If our clients are not of Faith, we are very happy to assist in any way that we can. Our main goal is to help those on the other side move forward and to banish demons back to where they came from by the authority given us by Jesus Christ. Please feel free to email us any questions or inquiries.  God Bless You, The Staff of Agape Paranormal Services.

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We are currently looking to add other Paranormal Groups to our site. We would like to add teams in other locations who have the same goals as Agape Paranormal Services. This includes identifying entities, helping those who have passed on, but have not ascended for whatever reason to God's loving arms and finally, if a demon is found, they will call someone to help the client and not just leave them empty-handed. The American Association of Exorcists is offering a training program for those who have been called to do God's work in Exorcism/Deliverance/Spiritual Warfare. Our hope and goal is that each paranormal group we refer clients to, have someone trained in these fields.
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